Energy-saving coating PROTERM FACADE
This modification is designed for heat insulation of residential buildings and constructions and the surfaces made of "breathable materials" (concrete, brick, wood etc.)
This coating, when applied on walls of buildings, acts as a heat-insulating material, retaining heat indoors; as a waterproofing material, preventing the penetration of moisture in cracks and fissures; and as façade paint, covering walls with smooth vapor-permeable layer.

This modification of PROTERM® coating is designed specifically for concrete and brick surfaces: its viscous consistency is easily applied on vertical walls. The dried layer of this heat-insulating material forms a solid polymer coating on walls of a building.

The energy-saving coating PROTERM® FACADE can be applied both indoors and outdoors, as it is absolutely safe for human and animal health.

Apart from its energy-saving properties, the PROTERM® FACADE coating combines waterproof properties with a polar opposite quality – its polymerized surface can «breathe», i.e. it is vapor-permeable, like the high-quality silicon-based facade paints.   

The walls, treated with energy-saving coating PROTERM® FAÇADE, almost don’t get heated in hot weather, as the coating can reflect up to 90% of solar radiation, and in cold season the heat retention of such walls is 30-40% higher than before the coating application.

The energy-saving coating PROTERM® FACADE is especially efficient in combination with PROTERM® ANTICOR, which is used for metal surfaces; what is more, such combination allows using only three layers of coating instead of six. PROTERM® ANTICOR is applied as the first layer, then after each 24 hours two more layers of PROTERM® FACADE are applied. Such pattern allows halving the time of total surface treatment, as well as cutting expenses!  

The application of energy-saving coating PROTERM® FACADE allows achieving several goals at once:

  • possibility of using the coating along the whole perimeter of a building both indoors and outdoors; 
  • reducing labor, time and financial costs for construction and repair works performance; 
  • keeping the initial load on building structures unchanged; 
  • optimization of temperature conditions inside the building; 
  • at the application of the energy-saving coating indoors, the area of the rooms remains unchanged;  
  • possibility of using the coating on complex-structured facades and preserving the historical appearance of buildings.  

                                Energy-saving coatings PROTERM® can be applied with painter's tools or with airless sprayers. 

Methods of application:
  • Pneumatic method – the pressure is 1.5 – 3.5 atm; 
  • Airless method – the pressure is 80-110 bar, nozzle diameter (inches) – 0.013 0.015, 0.017; 
  • Spray angle is 20, 30, 40 depending on the shape of the surface to be coated; 
  • Manual method – applied with a roll (napless, preferably velour) or natural-fiber brush. 
  • During application a smooth wet layer without gaps, drips, shagreen or other defects should be formed.  
Main parameters of application: 
  • The material is applied at ambient temperature: from +7˚С to +40˚С and atmosphere relative humidity not above 80 %; 
  • Do not apply the coating on damp surface and at wind velocity over 10 m/sec; 
  • The coating is applied on surfaces with temperature: from +7˚С to +150˚С, the temperature of the surface to be coated should be 5˚С higher than the dew point temperature; 
  • Recommended wet layer thickness: 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm; 
  • Recommended recoating interval at tв= +20˚С: 24 hours; 
  • Theoretical material consumption: 1.2-1.5 l/m2; 0.5-0.7 kg/m2 - at 1 mm thick layer; 
  • Basic color of coating — white, RAL coloring is acceptable; 
  • Solvent — water; 
  • After drying the coating layer operates within the temperature range: from -40˚С to +200˚С; 
  • Transport conditions: from +7˚С to +40˚С.   
Material PROTERM® FACADE should be stored in warm, closed and well-ventilated areas.
The product is packed in air-tight plastic containers of 5, 10 and 20 liters.
The storage time of the packed material while maintaining all conditions is 12 months. 
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